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Luxeon RGB-IR



RGB High intensity LEDs

Wireless connections: IR (Infra Red)

Effects control with K8 FLEX Plug 3.5 mm.

• Memory (grab last selected effect)

2 banks of effects with Demo Mode

Lithium polymer battery

Protect circuit of charge

Autonomy from 2 to 5 hours

USB system charging for 220/110V

Width: 50,5 cm. Weight: 120 gr.

Knobs: mechanized EVA 55 Sh.

Warranty 1 year


K8 presents the new glow range of professional Light products RGB-IR.


Luxeon RGB-IR is a professional glow swinging club with an electronic system that emits different colors and programmable effects. The object is programmable by using a remote control that sends an infrared (IR) signal and also by using a miniplug.


Its electronic system has Li-Polymer batteries that can be recharged with a charger that is also available for sale.


The charging time of the object is 2 to 8 hours and it has an autonomy of 2 to 5 hours, depending on the effect chosen and after a full charge. The new RGB-IR system works with the same charger than the rest of the glow range products.


RGB-iR line new fuctions! 


You can check the Battery state by pressing the OFF button once the product is turned-o. The Battery state will de shown by coloured light blinks.


Then you can access the manual user of RGB-IR products. Download it here:



* The price is per unit and doesnt include the accesories.

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