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Lenght: 52 cm.

Weight: 250 gr.

Material: Aluminium, wood and kevlar

Handle: Spiral

Knobs: maximum strength 90 y 70 Sh.



The new Pirotech torch version has all the advantages of last model but with a better decoration of the article.

Juggling torches are characterized by having a handle identic to a club handle and a decorated counterweight that gives a good balance to the object when thrown up. In the new Pirotech torch model the counterweight is painted by a double painting process that gives the object a brighter look. The balance with fuel loaded in the wick is optimum.

The wick of the Pirotech torch is completely made with first quality Kevlar®. The Kevlar® used in K8 products is more resistant that the one used in other products because it has a double layer, giving it more thickness and durability.


*The prices is per unit.

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