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• Heart: Lotus

• Length: 52 cm.

• Diameter: 8.4 cm.

• Weight: 215 gr.

• Handle: Spiral

• Screws: T20 Tork. A. steel.

• Tops & Knobs: Inyected, maximum strength 90 and 70 Sh.

• Structural tube: Nylon

• Gualicho Limited Edition



The Gualicho Club is the first of a new decorated club series. After launching the first limited edition designs -starting with KMFL8 club and other models available-, K8 is presenting this new series full of unique and limited edition objects.

The Gualicho Club is a meeting point between art and juggling and it is the first club of the "Art Juggling" series. 

Gualicho, who is involved in this first limited edition, is a street artist born in Buenos Aires who mixes in his influences the folk-art, the 60s psychedelia and the urban culture. You can find more about him in: http://www.gualicho.cc/

The new Lotus Technology is present along the whole K8 club range. The inside of the soul is similar to the root of the lotus flower (7 circular conduits). 


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