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• Heart: Lotus

• Length: 52 cm.

• Diameter: 8.4 cm.

• Weight: 215 gr.

• Handle: Spiral

• Screws: T20 Tork. A. steel.

• Tops & Knobs: Inyected, maximum strength 90 and 70 Sh.

• Structural tube: Nylon

• Escher Limited Edition



The Escher club is the second model of the limited edition K8 club range, with a new design based on an optical illusion in three colors.

Along with the KMFL8, this club has a vinyl decoration that offers a great visual effect and an optimum grip on the upper part, making it ideal for Freestyle and Contact Juggling tricks.

The new Lotus technology is in all the K8 club range. The soul has an intern form similar to the roots of Lotus flower (seven circular tubes). This struchtural design offers a minimum weight of 52 grams, the best resistance and tenacity. A revolution in club design! Original by K8.


The price in the catalog is for one piece only.

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